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The Intersection of Construction Development and Community Revitalization

The new Atlanta-Fulton Metropolitan Branch is located at 1332 Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta 30310.

Often when we think of new construction, we think of huge commercial properties or residential developments. However, construction development can also play a role in providing structures that serve as productive community venues. With the creation of community centers, libraries and green space, construction development can provide unique resources for all members of the community. These centers create a space for hands-on learning, community events, engaging speakers, academic and extracurricular activities, and a welcoming place for community members to congregate.

Over the past several years, Fulton County has engaged in such development. With the construction of 8 new libraries, and an aviation cultural center, Fulton County has demonstrated a commitment to providing its residents culturally enriching spaces. Fulton County residents now have more direct access to educational and professional resources. According to Forbes, libraries alone “provide Internet access to more than half of young adults and seniors living in poverty in the united States. This internet access, among other purposes, is used to find work, apply to college, secure government benefits and learn about critical medical treatments.” So, Fulton County is definitely heading in the right direction, using new construction to revitalize the community.

Saboor Construction is looking forward to contributing to efforts such as those in Fulton County, and developing productive spaces that spark creativity, encourage innovation, and provide residents with resources that have not otherwise been available.

For more information about the new construction projects in Fulton County discussed above, please see the links below.

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